Sunday, November 14, 2010

#nasscompc, entrepreneurship & some thoughts

This blog post is almost an afterthought!

This year's Nasscom Product Conclave was a super hit-considering that they had stopped taking (with over 1200 ?) registrations a week before the event! The media coverage, blogs..and the tweets (at last count over 12000 posts on 11th November afternoon..with even half a day to go!)and the bytes there-of, only validate the views, opinions, and so I was inclined 'not to blog' about the same events!

At least not until I saw a fresh bunch of comments last evening- for some posts blogged by me 4 yrs ago (courtesy recruiterblogs@naukri)! It was nice trying to understand/reflect on my view points then-in the context then!! Some of those thoughts are still part of my core belief's while some have since been totally revisited!! As an aside, I had then 'promoted' networking by scrapping on orkut (!!)-guess Facebook wasn't as popular then!! So, this post is more to record my random thoughts for posterity...something I could revisit a few yrs from now and reminisce about :)!?

My takeaways?

-great place to network! Under one roof one could catch up a lot of people- some old pals, some business acquaintances one had lost contact with, a few celebrities, apart from rubbing shoulders with folks one had been following online!

-get a ringside view of the latest fads in the industry, and pick up contemporary jargon. The themes predominant in this edition being

a) Lean start ups

b) Cloud as a disruptive phenomenon

c) Partnerships -both practical & tactical ones to help one 'go2market' and scale up faster!

-great insights from the 'one-one discussions' with a couple of speakers & some fellow delegates-as I had a vicarious pleasure of learning the way they have been able to navigate through the uncertain twists & turns that occasionally impeded their progress.

-a software product focused using social media for recruitment and enable me hopefully to stay engaged with some of the communities of my interest.

-a new product that would help my daughter -prepare for her ICSE Xth Board exams -giving her 'enough net practice'!

New heights?

Well, there are a few other thoughts that have been triggered- and only time will let me know if someone had the prudence to act on it: Much was waxed about opportunities being thrown up for different mobile applications using the UIDAI. Or some veiled references to making business plans to capitalise on the offerings courtesy National Skill Development Corporation ! Is there a way one could 'productise' the recruitment services-to the huge ocean of SMEs?

I somehow feel a lot can be done by collaboration! Presumably, there were over 500 start ups participating in the conclave-with some outstanding solutions to the daily life problems that most of the start-ups face. Now, if only there was a way -to focus their applications/test market within the ecosystem, I would believe the mortality rate of many a players would increase!!

Some points to ponder : Some of the interesting quotable quotes one overheard during the course of the interactions/deliberations need more introspection and analysis!!!...

"Indian IT services cos have a DNA of 'throwing more people to solve a problem'. In contrast, Israel, because of it not having enough people-make world class hi tech products! "

" the ecosystem of mentors & investors is more than adequate- an entrepreneur should also know when to change course..even pull out if necessary "

"Learn how to become a good partner...A Business Alliance must be approached like a marriage-both parties must have interest in winning"

"Cloud computing is today's version of the timeshare concept!!"

"people coming from humbler schools seem to try harder to succeed..there was little or no correlation between academic performance, as measured by grades & the type of college a person attended, and their real on-the-job performance! " ( Review war for talent?)

"Give away your products free to early adopters. They often have the power to influence the customer who can pay"

"Location is in our mind-It is the same all over - ONE GLOBAL INTERNET. Make the most of it. "

"Only a 'nobody' will help another 'nobody'. A 'somebody' is not likely to help 'a nobody'!

"Keep experimenting. Scale successes. Discard failures. Simple, no?"

Time to put some of the learning's to practice. And evolve, right ;)!?

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