Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Jobs in India : What is in store in 2011?

One of the learning's I have had in the 26years in industry-is that not all the best jobs go to the best people-but more so to those who are in the right place in the right time!!

Juxtapose that with the information explosion happening all the time, it is insights which make the difference! And increasingly in the knowledge economy the onus is on the individual -to figure out her/his own USP-and plan & manage one's career..and gain a competitive edge. How does one know where the action in 2011 is?

It is not to difficult to get a job today. The key is making the change- that helps in maximising your value add right?

I am quite tempted to borrow a line from a leading 'intelligence platform' company : " it’s no longer just who you know that will make business deals happen but what you know about who you know tightly synced with when and where you should know it "

So, if one were to wager where the next wave of job opportunities are likely to be present-it would perhaps help to focus on where the investments are being made, right?

As the flow of risk capital into India rises on the back of economic growth, more private equity funds are leading buy-outs of promoter-owned firms, identifying professional managers to execute new company creation and backing professional talent to re-engineer existing companies!

India, during 2010, saw the PE investors invest $5.4 billion, a growth of 56 per cent over 2009 levels of $3.45 billion-with maximum investments have taken place in the power & energy sector, followed by real estate & infrastructure and banking & financial services.

1. Lately, we have been seeing more players steer towards more ‘platform’ style deals. Or creation of companies from scratch and rapidly scale them. These deals typically happen in sectors with supply constraints where attractive investment targets are hard to come by. We at Options are working closely with a bunch of enterprises in the power sector-that has seen PE firms back SPVs that have professionals with prior proven track record...

2. Re-engineering existing companies. One can see a lot of SMEs and mid sized companies that have attained critical mass to service local markets. For example, companies in the infrastructure services, logistics & supply chain and the food processing domains. Targets are typically businesses with succession issues, and first generation entrepreneurs.

3.By the way, going by the investments being made in- the PE players themselves may be on the look out for senior professionals with industry & operational skill sets- keeping with the 'control one's destiny' mantra as value addition!

Here is a link that would give you a heads up on some 'India-dedicated funds' and 'global funds with India focus'- who are scouting around for good companies to invest :)!!

Happy hunting! If you are looking for a change, change the way you are looking...

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