Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Strategic Time-out!

Life has been one heck of a roller coaster ride during the past four weeks since I last made a blog post. One really cannot pinpoint-but there were several different issues that captured one's attention span -both professionally & personally-that one just one didn't have enough time but to go by the flow!!

Be it the ICC World Cup that India eventually won to the delight of every person we seemed to meet, the feel good factor that triggered a lot of folks to be inspired by Anna Hazare, or the annual accounting year end chores-and the plans for summer vacation for the family...they all vied -to keep one forever on the high throttled pace.

Or perhaps it did have to do with March/April period -that coincides with all the annual budgets, annual increases, or the need to time one's professional moves? Were some motivated by the uncertainty due to changes in leadership level across the big players..( uncanny that there is a lot of traction in the IT industry-not restricted to the Microsoft's, Wipros, the Infosyses, the Mindtrees..) Perhaps it is due to the increasing PE interest? Or the increasing campus hiring & the media hype on salaries in the offing!

More about it I guess, in another post soon...

We, at Options- have been very busy with a range of mandates that our clients from the Education, Power, IT, & Telecom have been searching for!

Let me try and see if I can categorise them into different buckets for easier understanding!

A) Established companies expanding into new business opportunities :

-A company listed in the Fortune's list of the best 100 companies to work for in America- wanting to strengthen its IT operations in India. We are looking for a Director level person -with a proven track record in setting up a captive IT centre in India before!

-President -Partner Development for a company in the Education Sector-wanting to create over 1000 Education Entrepreneurs across India-by spearheading initiatives to work closely with landlords who could partner by bringing in land as equity-and then manage the schools/colleges in their locality.

- Senior manager- IT delivery for a leading British based insurance company -a constituent of the FTSE 250 index-wanting to upgrade its offerings by investing in creating capacity in India.

- For an established MNC in Hyderabad, to meet the growing needs of the ODC, we are on the look out for a Project Manager..with a strong background in product development.

-Manager -IT for a MNC in Bangalore

B) Start ups/mid sized companies desiring to scale up

- Center Director for a start up firm in Hyderabad. A product company in the health care domain wishes to ramp up its ODC thanks to the encouraging response of their customers-and wish to hire a senior professional to drive the aspirations of a 25 member team!

-Sales Head for an IT firm in Bangalore to spearhead domestic sales. Having recently gone public, the company now has access to funds & utilising part of it to grow by acquisition, and wants to address the huge potential of IT services in the Indian market.

- Vice President Capital Acquisition for a Services company in Chennai-to help their partners raise funds.

-Head Projects for another leading player in the Education domain-wanting to create & manage the infrastructure needs for over 500 locations across the country!

C) Foreign firms entering India

We are working with a bunch of MNC firms-in the telecom sector -as well as in the homeland securities business- who wish to penetrate the potential of India's growing markets. Professionals with a proven track record in selling enterprise solutions to the operators, familiar with the dynamics related to the regulator-and knowledge of the best practices in managing systems integrators are in demand!!

D) Opportunities as a result of collaboration

As a strong believer in the power of collaboration, Options is fortunate to have some great recruitment partners who are confidantes of their clients-that gives us access to a lot more openings !!

Please feel free to visit our career site for a detailed list of the present opportunities...that are 'not so confidential'!! Should you want to be kept informed about the exciting options -that come by our way ( as well as those in the radar of our 350plus associates across the world), please do feel free to register is simple- you just need to use your linked in account-and we shall ping you as soon as we find a decent match!!

On the supply side too, there are a lot of new business models being floated by recruitment firms -both online and offline. One hears a lot of talk of separate organisations being mooted- to address the specific issues for the staffing (read temp) industry-as distinct from the selection(contingency) and the search industry.

There is also some activity brewing in the recruitment technology offerings- thanks to the simmering discontent with the practices of some of the popular job portals- that could drive to increased collaboration among the recruiter fraternity...

I think we are going to see a lot of changes soon..

Stay tuned!!

PS-Did I miss mentioning the IPL 4 season that is since one-third underway? Contrary to all the hype on the record auction, the best performers so far haven't been the marquee names as much..but some names one never ever had noticed before- Paul Valthaty, Bharat Chipli...Is it time to have a re look at the recruiting strategies for the changing times?

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