Saturday, December 03, 2011

Job hunting & Social Media

The interesting info graphics -courtesy the Jobvite Social Recruiting Survey 2011 provides an interesting insight into the following trends

-As competition for talent intensifies, social recruiting is on the rise.

-Only 16% will spend more on job boards-and one third of the respondents plan to spend less on job portals, third party recruiters & search firms.

-One third of the companies expect the average new employee to spend less than 2yrs : and so expect to intensify recruiting efforts!

While there is a significant shift in the power of choice- that is increasingly now in the favour of the employee, is it not a wake up alarm for all?

Companies - time to look beyond just filling in the seats?

Candidates - time to take charge of their careers -a la CEO mindset?

Consultants -time to look beyond transactions, and concentrate on adding value as talent advisors, career management professionals...?

Or is it just another fancy many others we have seen in the past?

Food for thought... are some info graphics...that triggered it all !
Investment Growth in Recruiting Sources

Created by: MBA Online

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