Monday, April 30, 2012

Catching up ...thanks to (Mis) Quotes?

The last couple of months just flew. 

I really don't have any excuses to give regarding my hibernation..other than inertia. For me, it has been a period of revisiting a lot of first principles, say the least. And, perhaps there wasn't much to write about too! So,I must thank my newspaper reading get me back with today's effort of posting a blog after 10 weeks! 

I have always found it difficult to explain why I follow read 3 business dailies and 2 local papers. However much I mention they all portray different perspectives, I am positive no one really believes me.

Take the coverage of Mr LN Mittal's media interaction post the Bhatinda refinery. Mind you, these are headlines.Front page.

Economic Times : India no Longer Priority for LNM. Slow decision -making & approvals put him off.

One first glance-one almost gets contradictory vibes, right? Of course, if one were to dive deep into the details, you get the flavour alright. But then, in a fast paced world-where one is constantly bombarded with information, it is difficult to depend on one source!!

When I was putting away the main papers, the supplement "Education Plus' (Hyderabad edition of The Hindu.).caught my attention : Social media throws up many job opportunities! Well, it so happened -that this seemed a report on a presentation made on Friday at the SHRM forum in Hyderabad -which yours truly attended -and so know exactly what was communicated ! It was amusing to see a quote of mine-and it would be a cliche if I were to say " I was misquoted " :)!!

Let me try and put on record what I tried to share -as my experience as a recruiter using social media...

-there is a need to distinguish between the 'active jobseekers' ( those who throng the job portals-are perceived to be unemployed/underemployed/ disgruntled...) and the 'passive jobseekers'-who aren't really looking for a job-and usually very happy doing what they are...and less prone to reading/reacting to job ads.

(From the job seeker today's world one wdn't want to take a' frog in the well' stand..and so most do entertain recruiters for what they are worth!)

From the recruiter perspective, Social media is a good tool to catch such 'passive' folks..doing what they other forums..either networking, or sharing gyan with professional groups, catching them offgaurd- and then 'engage' them enough to see if there are any compelling reasons to be 'hooked'!

-there is no 'one size fits all' solution even in social media..and so one needs to communicate people are on different platforms for different reasons. If Twitter helps share perspectives, Facebook is where one hangs out with pals, and Google plus a place one gets to share one's passion..while Linked in is where one puts a formal appearance!!

Social media, to me- is yet another source. Eventually it is about diving deep..into the human mind, and get a better hang of what makes a person tick...

What is your take? Would love your comments..

PS Nice to know I have got over the writers block for now...


Sudeep Singh said...

What makes me wonder is that - is the social media space / online advertising take a big leap & overtake the print ads & other online platforms like career portals ? FB is sometimes bombarded with unsolicited msgs in the timeline , Twitter is also a victim , thanks to software which have the options of automatic tweets & automatic FB . Any takes on the same ?

AK Menon said...


I think social media is the flavour of the season-and so like any fad, things will take some time-to settle down :)!

One thing is for sure. People no longer believe advertising ( paid media) or PR (owned media) -as much as they used to earlier..since they are unilateral communication ..

In that context, social media is rightly the 'earned' media..& an interactive platform will end up being more credible ..

It is easy to distinguish folks on twitter/FB -who are having engaging conversations-and it is imperative that they thrive- rather than those who use it for merely broadcasting alone!!