Saturday, March 09, 2013

Another game of Musical Chairs?

Today is the March 9th, the day that ERA celebrates as the Indian Recruiters Day.

Can we recruiters ever be able to convince our stakeholders to stop playing the age-old musical chairs game-we played as children before we came across more exciting and stimulating games? Surely we can do better than merely poaching from the competition? Or exhort hiring managers to look beyond  'past proven behaviour in similar roles' as a reasonable indicator for future performance?

Especially in a fast changing world, where a legendary CEO admitted -that your customer does not always know what they want- ..until they are presented with it? 

All around we see several examples of how technologies have rapidly evolved resulting in changing habits of people..and that in turn have drastically reduced the 'half-life' of products and services? Will we see PCs giving way to tables and mobile phones?

Will the technologies and skills in demand in future be different from those presently? What about jobs? And if so, what about the people who do them?

Do we assume what worked in recruiting in the past...will continue to be effective?

Here is an interesting article by an ex CEO lamenting why there are so many managers bad at recruiting?

Time for us to impress that for different companies- at different milestones of their respective life cycle of growth-might need specific stimuli terms of the quality of professionals required to take it to the next level?

I would love to have your thoughts, comments..suggestions..

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Anonymous said...

I chanced upon your page while casually browsing through and I am glad I did. Reading through this post has me posing a query in return rather than giving my two cents on the actual post. As a recruiter and HR professional, having seen all kinds of Business Climate, one recurring dilemma that I experience is, Volume vs Content. Quantity Vs Quality, to be more blunt. There is no fine measuring cup to answer this one. It depends on variables. On the organization. On the market. On the country you are in. And then some more. But for a recruiter, this question will be on top recall in my opinion. Looking forward to more thought provoking writings from you. Cheers!