Friday, May 24, 2013

The New Face of a Professional

I must admit this post has been inspired by an article I read in Harvey Mackay's newsletter-where in there is reference to the change of a role of a Sales person, and equally imperiously, that of the Sales Manager!

Here are some extracts "

"Instead of contacting a salesperson, customers today are going online first. This puts salespeople in a real one-down position because suddenly they're no longer needed for their product or service knowledge. Instead, they find themselves constantly getting involved in price battles."
"Salespeople need to be business analysts and idea providers, as opposed to product pitchers or just trying to make a sale. This is a real switch from the past and the genesis of a sales manager's job today."

"Sales managers need to work with marketing to clearly define who makes a good prospect -- what kinds of companies, what positions and what issues, needs and concerns they might be facing. Equally important is the need to turn the company's website into a hub of great information that will attract these people."

Well- it is true -not just for sales professionals only. I replaced it with 'recruitment' and every word was relevant..

The more I reflect, the more it is apparent..

a)Information is passe'. Insights would be the cutting edge.

b) In an increasingly rapid 'connected' age, it is essential for every professional to leverage on the power of networks. Are we connected to the right people?

c) Organisations are progressively moving from hierarchical form to 'centres of excellence'

No longer does a professional move up the career is more of a career lattice !!

Going back to the article, Mackay's Moral sums it well : You can't expect to meet the challenges of today with yesterday's tools and expect to be in business tomorrow.
Are we geared for changing?

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Maya said...

Great post. In my opinion, professionals should leverage social media and the network capability it offers to connect with employees/employers and to find out more about latest trends in the industry.