Sunday, June 16, 2013

Are you in touch with the right recruiter?

I have been an avid follower of Greg Savage-for a few years now, and so was delighted to hear him on a webinar with Shane McCusker-on the future of recruitment.
Well, the YouTube video is about 42 minutes long-and well worth for any professional -who is looking to be make a mark in the highly globalised and dynamic connected economy the world is fast evolving into. After all, every manager-needs to be hiring for his team-and so needs to have a ringside view of how the art of recruiting is likely to unfold!
Here is a gist of the take aways that I wish to highlight on:
- The craft of recruitment is much more than a combination of sophisticated use of technology ( read 'finding talent') and high skilled human interaction ( the ability to getting the best/right talent to the hiring table and to accept the role!).
-The key is to have the finesse to be able to master & managing the process of understanding aspirations, influencing, negotiating, handling counter offers-and add value to both the hiring manager and the candidate.
- Recruitment is no longer about just screening out from a job board. In a world where the skills needed -aren't ever matching with the available skills, it is about candidate care..the art of identifying, engaging & seducing them! People like to deal with people they like. And no matter what, irrespective of whether one gets a job or not through  a recruiter, no one will forget 'how they felt' while being engaged with a recruiter!
As a recruiter for over 2 decades, I agree with Greg..when he mentions it is not rocket science-but being in a very unique industry -where a recruiter has to reckon on a 'its all or nothing' kind of fees on one side-and handling a product ( that has the right of refusal -even after a sale has been made!), and the strike rate of conversions is pathetically best one-fifth of the outcomes are in one's favour-it is very difficult to walk the talk-all the time.
So what are the attributes a great recruiter is likely to need?
-She/he is a digital native. Or open to learning the nuances of social media branding.
-Has a robust network. Reach wise, and rich in niche/specialisation.
-Is a good writer. Ability to produce compelling text,blog, adept at content marketing.
-Deep knowledge in the niche. Must be the subject matter expert, the 'go-to' guy in the domain.
-Credibility. ( which of course comes only with the specialisation)
-Empathy- the ability to relate to the aspirations.

What are you waiting for? I would suggest you take the time out -and  listen and reflect more!

And if you know someone-who is already on the way, do let me know. We at Options, are looking for collaborating with similar minded professionals. (Believe me, I did allude to some of the attributes in some of my earlier posts ..are recruiters being redundant, and musical chairs, among others-on this blog itself :)!!

Let us make a difference.


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