Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Social Media Recruitment: How to use Linkedin?

This is a purely professional network and does not need in depth introduction about its value addition to job seekers like you. It has a well rounded ecosystem equipped with niche groups, company pages and professional profiles.

The basic prerequisites for you to get started are:

  • ·       Create a Linkedin account and update it with the necessary and up-to-date professional information about yourself.
  • ·       Connect with your alumni, college faculty, ex-colleagues, employers, current colleagues and other professional network.
  • ·       Update your profile with websites, blogs, industry associations and groups that you are actively involved with.

What else could be done using Linkedin?
Identify three most relevant groups which help you with your industry and career learning. The hidden fact in such participation is that, most smart recruiters hang around such groups to identify talent.

Alert Linkedin about the jobs you would be interested in.Linkedin Jobs alert you when companies are looking for talent through their job boards on Linkedin. Listen to webinar announcements. Linkedin is a hub of niche and professional online activity, where different professional bodies host their presence and increase engagement through free online webinars. These webinars congregate individuals with similar interests and you may find senior management from your dream companies being a part of such meetings.

Use Advanced Search. An underused search feature on Linkedin is the ‘Advanced Search’. Some senior recruiters choose to keep the vacancies away from advertisement and hence state silently about the vacancies. They look forward to connect with people who search genuinely for jobs like theirs and get in touch with them.

Participate in relevant Surveys. Surveys are not only published to conduct research but also with secondary objectives such as identifying right talent. When you share your perspective and knowledge through surveys they help you be found by the right people.

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