Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Minutes from a tweet jammed session on #RecruitmentMarketing

Dated April 2014

We had gathered tips and tidbits about social media recruitment for Job Seekers in one of our recent e-book. Some of the themes we didn’t deal in the book are showcased and discussed in a Google Hangout hosted by #IndiaHRLive that brought into light the evolution of recruitment marketing, use of social media in recruitment, candidate experience during the recruitment process and mobile recruitment.

What still remains esoteric and yet to be discovered in how to define quality of candidates and the ROI out of the social / mobile recruitment process. Each of the panelists shared their views on the following topics:

@Sharlyn_lauby How did the role of recruitment marketing role evolve over the past five years?

The strong connection between recruitment and marketing has always existed but it is only over the past 5 years that the industry has seen a specialization take place.

Recruitment Marketing. What’s the buzz all about?

@Achyutmenon Recruitment marketing is it a jargon?

People are using the term ‘recruitment marketing’ more as a jargon than as a valuable, tactical process to find talent. There is a talent war out there among companies to get the best talent. Now the recruitment globe is moving all over where employers are hunting for jobs and at the same time candidates are trying to find the best deal out of the opportunities expressed in the market.

@Sharlyn_lauby What are people doing about the talent war?

You see websites of companies where they define more and more about their corporate culture and create better definition is describing a job role. Recruitment marketing is setting out as a strategic pattern rather than a simple process introduced in an organization.

@GlobeSlother What is the challenge that recruiters face while marketing?

The challenge is to find the right talent and to interact and engage with talent communities which have passive talent. People who might be a great fit but with whom there is a need to create a sense of excitement for the opportunity.

When does the candidate experience start and end?

@Mattcharney Social media could be a terrible place to look for candidates but would a great place to advertise and let people know about the emerging opportunities. Track the difference between use of an ATS and social media for the purpose of recruitment.

@Sharlyn_lauby Candidate experience never starts or ends. Candidates are like customers. Candidate experience is not just about with reference to full time employee, but also is applicable to part timers, seasonal employees and interns. Because what they think is how the employer brand is affected. Candidate experience is about consumer marketing.

Use of an ATS and the flow of it.

@Achyutmenon ATS enables the recruitment process from a technical role but it the person who is using the technology that matter because recruitment is more about human interaction than use of technology. ATS depends on the ability to match keywords.

Mobile Recruitment, how big is it?

@Mattcharney Mobile recruitment is very different in USA than in India because of the saturation of mobile market here. All the buzz about mobile recruitment may soon fizzle out here in US.

@Achyutmenon Mobile penetration in India is about 73% with 1.2 billion in population. However there is not great use of smartphones where mobile recruitment can be deployed. It is still nascent in India and we are yet to see the growth.

With these insights you may be asking for some key takeaways. We will have another post that would have a condensed version of building a career site, lessons for recruiters from marketeers and advice to recruitment professional to build their career.

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