Friday, April 20, 2018

Keeping Organisations Future Ready

Time to recharge, refocus, and renew.
The countdown has begun. The SHRM India HR Technology Conference in Hyderabad has over a 1000 delegates registered to listen to over 70 speakers and engage in a knowledge/breakout sessions.
Shweta has already shared some of the exciting pointers for us to be keyed into. For me, it is a great opportunity to discern between the 'noise' online, and engage a few to get some the insights on what could keep us more relevant in the coming days. (I believe there are at least 15 different personas of "Conference-goers', though I have always found it most beneficial tuning to Kavi for making the most out of conferences!! )
As a person who has had the ringside view of the changing landscape in Talent acquisition, I am keen to know of the approaches/best practices in hiring and retention. And particularly what is being done with respect the first basic step of hiring- Scoping. It is ironic that most job descriptions are at best laundry lists, or even cut paste jobs-hardly in sync with the life cycle of the company's growth-with very little attempt to supplement, (if not complement) the in-house skills. Sourcing and Screening have already seen a lot of changes, courtesy AI and ML, and perhaps speed up the process-but one must realise the difference between commodities and human beings !! Selection and Retention need a personalised touch that can build on the analytics and predictive models -to create a better impact.
What will be the new buzz words this time? Which are the new stalls that will get most footfalls will be interesting. Personally, I have been a little disappointed that the mortality rates of most HR Tech startups has been high-over the past few years. Some of them perhaps, solving the pain points that the promoters grappled with- weren't game changing enough -while a lot of them have been gobbled up by bigger players. I shall be glad to be corrected. ( Will be keen to follow Peoplestrong -they have been growing bigger and bigger every conference!)
Do check out the agenda here.
Should you be dropping by at the event, please do give me a shout. It would be wonderful to catch up over a cuppa coffee and compare notes.
Anyway, please do stay tuned by following some of us, part of the Blogging Squad, on twitter-you can be there will be a lot of bytes being shared on #SHRMTech18.
Let's meet up!!

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