Monday, April 23, 2018

Technology, Millennials and Gig Economy: Will it make HR Obsolete? #SHRMTech18

HR as a function has gone through significant changes over the last few years due to the evolution of technologies/ digitisation etc. Today AI has a huge impact on the way companies hire, manage, and engage with the employees.

Earlier this month, as a precursor to the SHRM HR Tech Conference 2018, SHRM Forum had organised a interesting event.

Nitya Nivali was to have moderated the session along with on the above topic along with industry experts Revathy  ReddySravantiChekragari and Asim Rizvi, to deliberate issues like 

· What’s changing in HR due to technology advancements and automation?

· Advent of new technologies,AI,AR,VR,Chatbots,Blockchain etc.shift in the way talent gets managed

· Which part of HR can be replaced and what will survive?

· What role will HR play in the future? How can HR be better prepared?

· What are organizations doing to develop newer, relevant HR skills in the context of digital transformation?

What transpired was a truly 'Design thinking' approach. Given that the audience was a motley mix of HR professionals along with Consultants, and Service providers -or rather practitioners, the esteemed panel decided to instead convert it into a Round Table -to engage and interact with the group.

It was perhaps among the best learning experiences, as all chipped in with different perspectives across the ecosystem .One cannot but not mention that Sunil  sensitised the operational issues, and Ramlal Waghray, a technologist turned entrepreneur, triggered us to think beyond the surface.

Here is a gist of the proceeding as Nitya very succintly summarised the deliberations - 

AI is poised to be and will continue to be a game changer
AI powered technologies like Chat bot, VR etc combined with human experience and judgement will drive companies to success
both humans and machines - the combination would be critical to success - AI powered with human capabilities would bring in more effective and intelligent HR solutions

What is in for HR 
Disinclination towards adopting technology can prove disastrous for business
Train yourselves; be cognizant of the fact that digitisation makes life easy, make yourselves aware what AI as a technology can bring in transformation  - and yes, focus on leveraging AI shift clearly is from transactional HR to transformational HR

Well, the format was so engaging, that quite a few of us participants, stayed back to have private tete a tete, with a promise to network and learn more, offline also :)!

Photo courtesy Vijay Vedantam

Want to deliberate more on this topic?  We have William Tincup giving the key note on the topic on 27th April,as he shares his view points on how Artificial Intelligence has impacted Human Resources function and more so specific to Recruitment. In this session, he would also bring in the comparisions between the leverage of AI technologies in India and the West.

Its still not too late..Just 3 days to go..Register here :)!

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