Friday, November 29, 2019

Future Proofing Careers for Middle & Senior Managers in the age of T20

It is a no brainer. We are probably in the midst of the most happening of all the decades in the history of mankind. The half life of  knowledge and skills is shrinking!

Technology, Globalisation, and Mother Nature (climate change & biodiversity) are all accelerating at once. And transforming the key realms of the workplace, politics, geopolitics, community and ethics.

Business models are becoming extinct faster. The mortality rates of organisations is suspect.
If the Industrial Revolutions 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 was about empowering corporations, and scalable efficiencies ( doing things right), the IR ver 4.0 is all about empowering people, and scalable adaptability ( doing the right things).

      In this new new world, one would be practical enough to change our mindset. It is best we sensitize ourselves that no job is forever. Employability equals Options. One must manage one's own career as a business.

In the past, experience bestowed a lot of respect to one. In today's world where we are likely to work with folks of  different generations - including GenX and  young millennial, there is a wonderful irreverence!

How do we as middle and senior managers future proof ones career?

Don’t let what you cannot do- interfere with what you can! Increasingly, it is the ability to dive deep into one's inventory of skills, and pick out what can be transplanted, in the pattern of things, and see how we can transplant the best practice to create a better impact.

Do we learn from the film industry on how they have been putting together team of experts, with complementary skills, extract the best of them, within the constraints and limitations of time and material, and deliver projects? The #futureofwork is about leveraging those in the gig economy, and entice them to bring out their best talents in the shortest of engagements!

Learn. Unlearn. Relearn. And from all those who we interact with.

Lets not hesitate to go out of our comfort zone, and learn new skills. And keep pivoting!

A lot of tasks are bound to be automated, and some even outsourced. It is increasingly those quintessential human traits that will become our greatest assets. Curiosity. Creativity.Caring.Changing. 

Networking. It is not about whom you know- but about who knows you too. It helps to extend our contact sphere to be able to educate others about -how we can potentially add value in the future.

In this interconnected world, only if one is google -able, does one exist :)! So, it yes, make every effort to leave enough social media footprints online, to be found by those looking for pain points to solve. Think in terms of key words...perhaps?

One has to constantly reinvent to stay relevant and survive.  As consumers, we are now accustomed to using so many new habits. We have taken to google, facebook, whatsapp, uber, swiggy, airbnb, dunzo...and improve our lives. Do we in our professional avataar, be as discerning?

Get inspired by sportsmen. Everyone fails more often than one wins. It is what you do when you fail, that matters! Increasingly we accept that the cricketers who play the T20 are perhaps the ones different from those who revel in Test Cricket. There is a place for everyone-it is just that we need to be conscious...

Not taking risks is perhaps the worst risk we take?

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