Friday, October 13, 2006

More hiring in October to December' 06

Its good news for all those seeking to shift jobs!! According to a survey done by Teamlease, India’s largest staffing company, covering close to 500 companies across the top metros in the country-the present quarter (Oct to Dec) promises to be very exciting.

As a recruiter – I have always tried to map quarters to see if ever there was a pattern in the hiring of professionals across ‘seasons’!!

Oct to Dec was always a good quarter for sales guys in the office automation/IT/capital intensive equipment-as corporates waited for the kill in the “JFM “quarter (meaning Jan- Mar)- as most government companies wd need to utilize their budgets- and private companies wd take advantage of booking depreciation for the financial year!

Ever the right time for corporates to shift gears-mid year !!

I often wonder if it has got to do with the performance appraisals and ‘salary revision’ time in June..and so, both the happy ones –who have got great hikes- and more so, the have nots…start looking for greener pastures :-)!!

Any one complaining??!

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