Saturday, December 09, 2006

Desperately Seeking India’s Google

Just came across a desipundit post by Atanu Dey thinking aloud of the factors which result in successful businesses and dwells on the possibility of the next major Information Technology company being of an Indian origin.

He feels "people with vision create universities in a conducive environment created by wise government; over time, the universities become centers of excellence; finally the universities give birth to Googles. Miss any of the elements in the sequence, and you will not find a Google, no matter how hard you search nor how devoutly you wish."

Ramki attributes society and culture - a society that accepts failures while doing new things and not term them as an outcast. How many of the great inventions have come from UK or the other places that has been mentioned? In India we live more with the fear of failure than anything else. That is one of the reasons for mediocrity and lack of hunger to create new things

There are more interesting comments being posted even as I write…the number of PhDs, student -tutor ratio at top institutes, is technology the only route?...

it’s becoming a great read!

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