Friday, December 08, 2006

FAB companies scouting abroad for managerial talent for India

Todays Economic Times has an article on this. Cant see an online link as yet!

The gist is as follows

  • chip manufacuting in India is in the nascent stage with only Semindia having started some work. Couple of more companies are waiting got the Govts semiconductor policy to come out before setting up shop here.
  • there is not much talent in wafer mfg space planned –and so recruiters are eyeing people from Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia and even the US for hiring managers! It is estimated that 8000 openings are expected in 2007- of which about 2500 will be in managerial levels!
  • companies that have evinced interest are NRI Rajendra Singh led consortium India Electronics manufacturing company (IEMC), Korean led consortium lead by June Min in Hyderabad and NRI Deven Vermas consortium Hindustan Semiconductor Company.

I was fortunate to attend the meeting earlier this year, when TiE Hyderabad announced a special interest group when the India Semiconductor Association launched its Hyderabad office . Ms Poornima Shenoy President ISA –feels that the first level of managers will have to come from other countries..or Indians coming back from abroad!!

While there have been hiccups regarding Semindia's foray into Hyderabad since, I would like to believe its only a matter of time..before the scene HOTS up.

I shall be glad to connect with those desirous of knowing more.

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cyberoam said...

A favorable chip policy would go far ahead to produce jobs in this country. A recent Frost & Sullivan conducted for the India Semiconductor Association found that an in-country commercial fab would lead to the boost of consumer electronics in India, taking the country’s global share of the electronics industry from 2.8% currently to 11% by 2015. FAB CITY, conceived to host such fab and fabless units near Hyderabad is itself expected to 10,000 direct jobs along with an additional 3.6 million indirect jobs by 2015.