Wednesday, December 06, 2006

India 2.0?? Venture capitalists see a Silicon Valley in the making??

As I was just about to call it a day, I came across this article published earlier this week in the Silicon Valley's newspaper Mercury News -it is the first of the four articles written by Mercury News reporter John Boudreau.

While it does predict the ‘elephant has begun to dance’, and goes on to predict India's rise as a technological powerhouse, I am a little skeptical.

To me, the ecosystems just don’t seem to be right as yet..not at least for another few years to come! There is no single community willing to display deferred gratification!!

- the brightest of them all..the IIT and IIM alumni are still clamouring for campus placements. The media goes overboard in highlighting the dollar salaries of the handful of ‘chosen ones’-and that probably inspires many others to the lure! If these “CATs” aren’t backing their own instincts and thriving to create their own ventures, and destinies, pray, who will?
- there aren’t enough success stories of ‘succesful Indian entrepreneurs in India’ to evangelise the fact that the brightest elsewhere started their own firms!!
- The poster boys (and girls) of the Silicon valley successes have turned their eyes on India- as VCs and not as Angel investors /seed capital funding professionals. There is a predominant focus on chasing globally scaleable products in the technology space..while almost almost ignoring the growing Indian market space

- It is another matter that most foreign VCs are looking at Private Equity funding- as a safer medium- with an eye on the IPO route in a couple of years! One can almost count the instances of such portfolio companies receiving second and third round funding.

-Companies in the ‘product space’ are out numbered by those in the ‘services space’!

-there just aren’t enough ‘readymade talent’ graduating from academia –forcing companies to spend months of inhouse training. The large hiring stories one hears of..of MNCs/ Indian companies hiring thousands of engineers- are predominantly for the ‘services sector”. With too many ‘easy jobs chasing undergraduates’ companies are even lowering the bar!!

It would be interesting if one could gets ones hands on the actual percentage of graduates going on to do- post graduation- and doctorates in the recent years!! Can anyone give us any pointers?

I for one, would love to rate this post as a 'bloggers fatigue' -being the third post for the day :-)!!

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Anonymous said...

Of late we find that Angel Investing has gone out of the window and every other person is only talking about Venture funding ! The idea is to, hype the story and go the IPO route, make the kill and exit.

I came across the views of Rajesh Jain at

in which he says….
"In India today, there are opportunities aplenty for creating new ventures in a variety of fields. Entrepreneurs have ideas, but the challenge invariably boils down to the capital needed for the venture. I have met many entrepreneurs and companies seeking to raise capital over the past couple of years. Given that I am an entrepreneur myself and my desire to limit investments to areas which I understand and in companies where I can add value, I have come to the conclusion that we need to think of a radically different approach to fulfilling the capital needs of the growing entrepreneurial class in India......."

Dilip Nambiar