Thursday, December 14, 2006

Global talent shortage- the era for evolving business paradigm

Pardon me for using the cliché- the geographical borders are disappearing! Personally- this fact is dawning on me more than ever as I have been blogging for a few months now-in a bid to reach out to the passive job seekers.

As a by product, I have been increasingly interacting with fellow headhunters, recruitment firms from across the globe !

“We are investigating whether one can trace professional Commodity Traders (mainly Oil, Gas, Chemicals) in India for our Clients in Europe. There is a shortage of talented traders in view of the rise of energy related trading by Utility Companies & Hedge Funds. Banks too are expanding their brokerage activities, more specifically in Carbon Certificates (often oil & gas related).”

“we are currently working on a VP role for an American firm here in Malaysia. The candidate will be based in either of the following locations: Japan, Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Thailand and of course Malaysia.The firm in question is a public listed company in the US (and also in Malaysia) who specializes in broadband communications.”

Dave Mendoza and Shally Steckerl offer their services for Speaking and Training engagements on Passive Sourcing for Talent and Social Relationship Networking for Talent on a national and international basis

A leading IT company in Kolkota – want some Italian Linguistic Specialists with Experience in Technical Translations / Interpretations –and willing to travel to Italy often!

Is this the way forward??

I am reminded of a presentation a few months ago at the Executive Recruiters Association. (ERA) conference.Dr Kandula Srinivas, the Director HR of SASKEN was open to hiring telecom professionals from Europe to be employed in Bangalore!

Some of us member firms of ERA – are coming together on a platform –eg RETAILBLITZ to help large & emerging retail players entering the Indian market- by offering a pan India reach –and offer offline screening services –and thereby leverage on the strength of a network of boutique recruitment firms in both tier I and tier II cities !

Vinay Talwar advocates an "Alliance of Firms" which operates under one brand globally but firm retains its independent identity too.

Are we gearing up adequately??


Anonymous said...

It is nice to know that there is a recruiter in Hyderabad who is into blogging..thus began the enlarged OPTIONS in India.

We will definitely meet one of these days Mr. Menon.

This is Anil Atluri, of course from Hyderabad.

Venkat Reddy said...

Mr. Menon, Nice to see your Posting and an Interesting subject to understand.

Venkat Reddy