Wednesday, January 03, 2007

2007- the time to Change the way you are looking!!

Dony Kuriakose is a senior colleague and a very respected recruitment consultant in India. I can't resist using his quote..that I first saw this statement almost a decade ago. And now as we embark on a new year, more than ever before, I have found its a great pointer of advice to all professionals- if you are looking for a change, change the way you are looking!!

I did address this in an earlier post. The globalization has increasingly been propogating the shift from an ‘industrial economy’ ( where the employer was the provider of jobs) to an ‘intellectual economy’(where the employee and his/her skills are more marketable)–and if I were to borrow from the concept of an article I read a few years back ( Free Agent Nation) –one can see it slowly transforming the Indian job scene

1 the social contract of work in which employees traded loyalty for security is crumbling. Would you believe Teamlease – a temporary staffing company in India will soon become the largest Indian private sector employeer with over a lakh of employees –beating the present leader TCS?

2. the widespread, long-term prosperity allowed people to think of work as a way not simply to make money, but also to meaning;

3 the half-life of organizations has begun shrinking, (think M&As as a fashionable reality!) assuring that most individuals will outlive any organization for which they work.

Gautam Ghosh has capsulated it well and crisply- use the internet to let yourself be found !!
Change is the only constant-we can look forward to !! And change, we must, to make a difference to the world around us…

PS - Within an hour of my posting this, I see an article by Shally Steckerl on the "how to " part of internet networking!! I recommend you make the time to read it at leisure and internalise it asap!!

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Thanks for the ping AK! Look for a follow up on the "how to" coming in a few weeks.