Sunday, February 04, 2007

Job hunting vs Salaries, Bonus, Incentives...

Early this morning I noticed three different headlines -which could have repurcussions on the way one looks for a job!! How does one job aspirant choose one company over the other?
Brand, Size, salary? what if the companies are global leaders..does one need to do more due diligence?
Before you think I am complicating matters..just read these articles

1. Google executives to get upto 1.5million dollar bonus

2. GM secondguesses incentives.The automaker has also been reducing its sales incentives in a parallel bid intended to showcase the improvement in its product line up and focus consumers on performance over price.

3. And the another not so pleasant news Michael Dell kills 2006 bonuses -as the fiscal year ended " great efforts, but not great results."
My take on this? Yes the leadership -the markets-and the product life cycle is important! So is competition?
All three are HUGE names...
Or even take the Dell case..The low cost, high operational efficiency, disastrous customer service formula that Michael Dell invented doesn’t work -and the market is changing! The world is moving to a place where the laptop needs to become much more than just a laptop. An integrated mobile device is in the cards, that is the combo PC-Phone-Music Box. May be, even Camera. Dell needs to figure out a way to latch onto this trend, and find a hit product..
But the real issue here..what is the impact on the large number of employees-who are putting the effort..should they be penalised too -for wasnt the vision more critical than the execution??
For an employee -who has an equal chance and opportunity to choose between which company to join..what are the learnings?? I would love to hear from the HR experts!!

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Unknown said...

small's $1.5 million dollars not $1.5 billion