Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Semiconductor Industry in India-jobs galore!!

I was fortunate that an international conference was conducted by the India Semiconductor Association (ISA) at Hyderabad and so I just got back to work today-after attending the 2 day ISA vision summit 2007!

The meet-was a well attended one-with over 275 delegates from the industry, government and academia. Almost all the speakers waxed eloquent about the potential of India –and the future growth potential-which is likely to create almost ten times the jobs that IT/ITES industry would create by 2010!!

To me, what was amazing –was the quality of the deliberations made by the government right thru the event-and more specifically

-Inaugural session featuring the Minister of State for Defence, Govt of India -Shri M M Pallam Raju, an engineer MBA and masters from Temple University, Philadelphia

- Breakfast meeting being presentd by the Minister for IT in charge –Govt of West Bengal Dr Debesh Das is a doctorate with over 17yrs exp in the VLSI field and academia

-An hour long debate by three aggressive and articulate IT secretaries of Andhra Pradesh , Tamil Nadu and West Bengal-each one making powerpoint presentations inviting investments into their states by listing out the USPs and benefits!! And yes, educational institutions, low cost of living and "attrition levels" too were discussed!

With the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh Dr Y Rajasekhar Reddy already announcing the status of clearances for the fab city –he was hoping that Hyderabad would be capital of the semiconductor industry in India

There was also a presentation by Mr Prithviraj Chavan, Minister of State, Prime Ministers Office..who is incidentally a BITS Pilani alumnus and aMS From Berkeley-who gave a glimpse into the vision of the Government to facilitate the process of India’s growth. He even hinted there could be a possibility of FDI being allowed in higher education, so that the compensation of the teaching faculty is in par with the industry-and thereby strengthen the foundation of the future generations.

With a large number of MNCs already in India, and the VC community exhorting entrepreneurs to just think "team team team" in addition to their ideas and business models, one can be rest assured that the proactive participation of the governments in enhancing the eco system, we can see a lot of action in the coming 2-3 years time.


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