Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Meeting customer demands- the moment of truth??

This blog has perhaps nothing to do with jobs in India, or the burgeoning opportunities in senior management-but in a way- has to do a lot of issues-cultural and emotional-related to it, and so I just cant resist articulating my thoughts!!

It is more a request for some of you to help me attend to a 'major problem area'!!

Yesterday I recieved a very crisp mail.

"Is it too much to expect a response from your end whatever your response might be? This is basic business etiquette that you respond to your emails. It surprises me because you claim to relocate expats and talk about personnel attention as one of your organizations key differentiators. I would have expected a little more professionalism from your end.

"Anyways thank you for your time . I have found the change that I was looking for and do not require your services anymore . My only feedback is that since you guys came highly recommended by my business/personal network in North America I was quite surprised at your response.Wish you all the very best . "

As I sat down this morning to respond to it, I realise there are dozens of others-who would have reached out to me, even following up with emails and innumerable phonecalls, who would be certainly apalled at the (lack of ) a response. I also shudder to think there must be a few hundred others-who simply didnt even care -as they would have been justified not to waste more of their valuable time!!

This is what I tried to explain-and that I sincerely believe in!

"I appreciate the candidness and the disappointment expressed by you –it is perfectly legitimate and truly a matter of concern for us.

I am glad that you have been able to find the change you desired-and do hope we can connect with you, sometime in future, where we can perhaps prove that this exchange (or the lack of it !!) was indeed an aberration!!

I guess the buck stops with me-as I am personally looking after the segment of ‘returning Indians’ and so it is I who normally responds to such queries. –I am still in the process of figuring out how to ‘manage mails’ as a first step!! "

Interestingly, as recruitment firms, we are actually paid by the clients who hire our services-while we have to leverage relationships with several ‘job aspirants’ to enable the former. So it is indeed a thin line..between which prospect is right for our business model..and which isn’t !!

Actually, while I am not trying to justify the lack/delay in response, you would be surprised –thanks to the ‘one click culture’ and the sheer number of people in India looking at exploring jobs, one is flooded with a huge pile of mails. Funnily, an ad for a VP wd get responses from even freshers just trying their luck !! As a result, I wdnt be exaggerating if I mention I get a mail every minute..thru which ofcourse, only 15-20% wd be really the ones we would like to pursue. And while I do attempt –often there are many unread messages in my inbox! So much so, that I have started reacting only to mails sent to me, addressing me, first!

( Naturally I put on hold -trying to figure out who among those that are probably exploring options- compared to those who are visiting India in the next 45days!!)

Personally, thanks to the word of mouth references from ‘returned Indians’, (ironically- a large majority of those whom I may not have even found interviews for !) I typically get over a hundred calls /mails every month from people of Indian origin –each of which does need a certain amount of ‘focussed attention’. (atleast 30-40 minutes per interaction!)

"Fortunately recruitment isn’t rocket science-and perhaps 10 of every 100 are placeable..and it is our dream to add value to all –whom we are in touch with!

Thank you for giving us an opportunity to review our operations, and you can be sure, we shall strive to rise up to the expectations!"

I shall be glad to hear from anyone who can help me manage better!! Am implementing automated 'applicant tracking systems', perhaps delegating a few to my colleagues,...saying NO to quite a few wherever I cant add value...

I am convinced talking about one's career -the aspirations, and discussing about going about it, is a very intimate sentiment, and one doesnt feel the comfort to talking to a stranger about such nuances...and so, this needs a very customised personalised feel.

Please do connect with me offline at [email protected] and I shall surely connect with you asap!!?

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