Tuesday, April 17, 2007

India's best companies to work for!

It is indeed interesting to read the top 25 companies -that are listed by the popular media- one in Economic Times and the magazine Businessworld which have published the survey reports conducted respectively by Hewitt and GrowTalent respectively!

Both the articles are a good read- both analysing in depth-what the prospective jobseekers can expect to find opportunities in!

To me, there have been some good insights:

1.Despite Bangalore's emergence, it is still Delhi that houses the happiest employees!

2.17 of the top 25 companies listed as "great places to work " are foreign owned!!

3. The average age of the employees in these companies is 25. ( what happens to older employees??)

4. No matter what the different parameters that are used to identify the best employers, there are SIX employers who are common to both the shortlists-namely :

Ajuba Solutions India Private Limited

Agilent Technologies Ltd

Godrej Consumer Products Ltd.

Johnson and Johnson Medical, India

Marriott Hotels India

Standard Chartered Scope International - India

There is no doubt they have all aligned their practices with the organisation's strategy and goals specific to their industry needs, and have created an environment that produces a positive employee experience and results.

The succesful companies apparently follow some of the mantras given below:

-Hiring through referrals. Happy employees will only refer those who fit the company’s needs

-Being a centre for learning. Providing extensive training including using internal specialists.

-Offering cross-functional growth opportunities. Growth is no longer in a department silo.

-Always completing the feedback loop. Great workplaces correct the wrongs.

-Not leaving flanks open to talent outage. They make concrete succession plans.

-Building empowerment into systems. No amount of training can ensure this.

-Ensuring fun. Impromptu parties, family outings, etc. for staffers create profitable companies.

Apparently, the challenge for the HR manager is to devise ways of getting employees to leave work and go home!!

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