Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Key success factors for doing business in India is a blog I have been following recently and find very resourceful.

The author is a prospective returning Indian- proposing to start his own business in India-and has embarked on a 30 part story, "as a reference point for those who are planning to start a business in India or those who have just started out or for those who are just interested in knowing."

The first one of the set has a detailed McKinsey report as the base.

Just have a peek at the forthcoming topics;
  • Key Indian values: common denominators in a diverse nation
  • India’s communities abroad
  • Understanding key business groups in India and the parallel, underground economy
  • Outsourcing customer service operations to India
  • Offshoring: setting up your own operation
  • Understanding Indian leadership and decision-making styles
  • Building an effective multi-cultural work team
  • Hiring and retaining key talent in India
  • Navigating the regulatory environment in India
It promises to be a good read for anyone wanting a macro perspective about managing a business in India-and I would like to believe the depository of knowledge would benefit anyone looking at leveraging a career in India.

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