Saturday, May 19, 2007

Indian IT Services & Second generation outsourcing- will the nature of jobs change?

Last evening I was reading what Steve Hamm of Business Week was commenting on ‘how the Indian IT companies could stand out..and count! As of today, most companies revolve around cost arbitrage and the quality of service.

What he dwelt was almost the theme of this year's Nasscom leadership summit was about-where a lot has been written about the deliberations..on how the Indian IT services companies have to innovate in order to stay ahead. To quote John Hagel

As an alternative, these companies could take their emerging skills in partnering with technology product companies and apply them to building talent networks to mobilize and leverage large numbers of more specialized service providers. The real power would be to master the techniques required to accelerate the development of talent across such a distributed network of partners, thus creating stronger incentives for partners to join the network.

Almost on cue, I recalled my interaction with a senior management professional- a key member of G B Prabhats Anantara Solutions -who was evangelising the potential of second generation outsourcing –where in Anantara will create a network of consulting firms and suppliers, including companies with capabilities in multiple technologies such as Java and Microsoft. It will get orders from clients and outsource the work to a set of vendors.

And if this is indeed the future, who is going manage this transition?

Would we need professionals who have had experience –both with domestic experience and international exposure? Should the emphasis be professionals –who can handle the dynamics of onshoring and offshoring? They could be managing small teams instead of managing the batallions they presently need to motivate? Would the emphasis change from fighting attrition to managing the client?

I shall be delighted to hear from you….

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Anonymous said...

A very Intrigueing topic. Almost like trying to invent a better mousetrap? This said, it will be interesting to see how "the nature of jobs change"