Saturday, May 12, 2007

Returning to India? Top picks of the week in IT jobs

Ever since Gautam Ghosh encouraged me to start blogging, about 7 months ago- I have been trying to put together, whenever I can, my impressions about the hiring scene in India- setting expectations about what to expect while looking for jobs in India-and perhaps some of the trends happening across industries! It has been a learning experience –for one gets instant feedback –thru phonecalls, and emails I get in response to the comments I make here.

I must confess I have often had the writers constantly at odds on what to post about!!

My colleague Seema who is based in Dallas, Texas- has been in touch with a lot of Indians in US-who are keen to explore opportunities in India-and obviously has a good feel of the emotions related to the uncertainties and the lack of transparency in the whole process..and perhaps the pace at which we/our clients react-and so has been goading me to write about the typical jobs one can expect –for middle and senior management professionals in the IT domain..

So here is my first attempt to list some of the hot jobs we have with our clients in IT software/Hardware……Top 5 jobs this week…

1. Engineering manager- Bangalore : EM will plan and provide resources for and directs activities in engineering function to meet schedules, standards and costs. Ideal candidate will have 10+ years experience with a Masters degree/ Ph.D. , experience in technical management, system software or biomedical instrumentation research and development

2. Development Manager- Bangalore : A Leader in managing the offshore development team…For this position we are looking for computer science graduates or post graduates with 10 + years experience managerial skills and strong in object oriented programming –java/C++

3. Test Manager- Bangalore/Hyderabad- A key leader in designing, implementing, executing and maintaining test strategies for the new and existing products. Candidates with proven track record in developing and implementing successful quality strategies with 10+ years experience. Engineering degree in CSC or equivalent preferred.

4. Project manager- Hyderabad- Candidates with 10+ years experience in software development and operations with expertise in core java and J2ee technologies, Graduates or post graduates from top institutes/universities preferred.

5. Senior Circuit design engineer- Bangalore -Ideal candidate will have 9+ years experience with experience in full custom circuit design and proficient in logic design. Professionals with Electronics or computer Engineering degree preferred.

Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions. We shall be glad to fill in..with any details you may want –

Look out for this space in the future for more openings…..

PS- these are indicative pointers at best. Our clients would already be looking at some candidates, as I write-and some of them would have completed multiple rounds of meetings. Most of these positions would need people to be onboard within 12 weeks at best in India!!

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Anonymous said...

This "returning to India" has really caught up in last couple of years, and how true is it...especially for the ones with entrepreneurial spirit and yearning to get back to roots to make a difference. There is a fundamental difference from 10 years back and now. Earlier, it was about making a decent living and what better place than West. But now the scenario is different, Its not about living, it is about making a difference as most of the basic needs of decent living are met- with even average salaries skyrocketing....
BTW...I am in the same boat and wanting to move back to India as soon as possible...It is not a easy decision though !