Thursday, June 14, 2007

Infosys Non Compete Clause vs Fortis saga

During the last fornight there has been a lot of debate and opinions on the now famous Infosys tactic of asking employees to sign non-compete clause !

It is very interesting to surf around the net, and one comes across a 360 degrees of emotions. The comments range from a cryptic quip from the NASSCOM President "better ways of controlling attrition than bonds" to a very voiciferous Infosys bashing by the younger generation having lots of aspirations, and frustrated employees venting their feelings.

I am sure the truth is somewhere between-depending the perspective you have!!

As a recruiter though, I am reminded of the 'theory of marginal utility' theory of marginal utility that one studied years ago!!

Who needs the other more holds the key to calling the shots...

Probably thats why at entry levels, and the senior levels people are paid significantly higher than they probably deserve -the biggest chunk of middle management a little underpaid to keep them watering for more !!In the organisations of yore and life time employment, the value added by the employer kept in line with the aspirations of the employees!

For the HR person, the challenge is to try and keep this see saw almost even!!

Is it possible that in the instance of Dr Trehan- he and his team was more valuable than the organisation Escorts Fortis hospital? I shall be glad to hear your comments!!

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Gabbar said...

I agree with you that the job of the HR is the most difficult. Most Indian companies are a good medium for employment for the masses but not for growth. What are your thoughts on that as an HR Person?

Dr Trehan's case is completely different since medicine is not any general profession. In the words of Trehan himself "A hospital is not a shop where you can come and buy stuff"

Also thanks for linking :)