Thursday, June 14, 2007

Some interesting jobs we are handling now!!

Despite my promise last month of trying to post 'pick of the jobs' every week, I somehow couldnt get around to patiently compiling them -after one attempt.

This time around, I have my colleagues Seema, Jyothish, and Sameer chipping in with some inputs on the clients they handle-and so am hoping to be a little more efficient :-)!

Senior Management:

I hope to update the "pick of the jobs' on a seperate blog where in I would try and upload brief writeups of some of the assignments we handle. Hopefully in time, one can generally get the trend of the kind of jobs we handle.

Infact -for some companies -with whom we closely work, & aware of the culture of the company -and perhaps the manpower requirements of the coming quarter, there we can even explore if our client can build a role around the an exciting profile.

For instance, there are some exciting senior management openings for a group of companies specialized & dedicated to serving technology companies. Headquarted out of Chennai and employing about 4000 employees, the group is open to looking at some senior management professionals who can take them to the next level. Should you know of any 'returning Indians' with an entrepreneurial bent of mind, and willing to relocate to Chennai -please do let me know!!

Non IT openings:

As mentioned elsewhere in the blog, there is lot of action in the 'old economy' and 'non IT companies!!

Right now we are working on some senior positions in the Power sector- setting up Thermal power plans in Raipur (Chattisgarh)and Srikakulam -and gas based power plans in Vizag and Kakinada (AP). Openings exist in the design and construction departments, apart from senior key positions.

There are some exciting options in HR , Finance and Sales /product management too-across industries like aviation, pharma, power, and fashion !!You could visit here for a regular update of these kind!

Middle management level IT roles:

These are obviously the faster moving jobs and so one is likely to find less description -to the point of being crisp!

Am looking forward to hearing from you how I can add value better!!

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