Wednesday, December 19, 2007

More jobs for Returning Indians

Spiralling Re drives Indians abroad back home is an article, among the most emailed articles published in Economic Times this week. There is a quote attributed to me -and so, it wasnt surprising that I have been getting several phone calls, not to mention emails, specifically referring to the article- over the last 48hours. Interestingly, these have been more from well wishers of those perhaps residing abroad-wanting to know more about the trend!

Well, I think Mr Anto Joseph of Economic Times has summarised the action so well, that it is best one read the original!

A summary:

-Until now, it was predominantly the IT sector that drew Indians from abroad. Now, it’s the retail, infrastructure, pharma, financial sectors, engineering, hospitality and real estate.

- Many mid- and large-sized foreign companies that are setting up offices in the country are looking for Indians with international experience for their top jobs.

- Thedeepening talent crunch in the Indian market is spurring an unprecedented reverse brain drain.

However there is a caveat too..

“Different working culture abroad with less working hours, better infrastructure and absence of taxation hassles are still a driving factor for foreign countries,”

Happy reading!


Ajay Joshi said...

I agree with most of the "facts" in the article, I think, the factors being mentioned why foreign countries are attractive are becoming less and less of a factor.
Couple of examples:
- In US working 40 hour weeks is only a privilege enjoyed by few. Most people are easily working 45-50 hour weeks. As you go higher in the organization, the week gets longer.
- The 2 1/2 years that I spent in India, I found that the work culture is becoming easier to mold. Younger generation is ready to adapt and hence younger companies are beginning to provide a more efficient and productive work environment.
My 2 cents....

vivek said...

Its not the work but more the work-life balance that I am concerned will be disturbed. Any ideas are welcome.