Thursday, November 29, 2007

Increasing demand for Research Scientists in India

During the recent weeks, I have been receiving enquiries for returning/returned Indian profiles in the R&D space.

If a European major Nycomedwanted post doctrates in Medicinal Chemistry in India, a Chinese conglomerate Fosun Pharma wanted professionals to be based in China. A friend of mine indicated that Dupont is looking to hire over a hundred PhDs in the next 12 months for their Knowledge Centre @Hyderabad- and these would range from doctrates in entomology to polymer chemistry -across basic sciences. There were also some feelers from Guatemala and Israel!!

The mystery however seems to unravel as the latest issue of Business World gives more insight.

-Over $ 10 billion has been invested in India by the World's best corporations for R&D investments in India in the recent past. This figure could double by 2010.

-The coming decade will see India's ascendancy marked by stupendous growth, but also the destination in areas such as wireless,low cost cars, semiconductor design, biotech and nano-technology. The cutting edge science and technology initiatives will see even expat researchers wanting to work in India.

--According to the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), there were 8836 Indian academics in the US in 2005-06.

-A creative research atmosphere is breathing life into many beneficiaries.

The Indian R&D ecosystem is now spawning sub-systems:

-start-ups. eg Texas Instruments (seniconductor design), Avesthagen (Biotech). Some professionals who have worked here, have gone on to start innovative startups funded by the venture capital community.

-contract firms like Wipro has provided product engineering services ( to Lockheed Martin, Boracade, Cisco etc) while Biocon has pioneered some work in ustom research in molecular biology and biologics.

-Joint Ventures with Universities eg IISc, IIIT closely working with Philips, HP, Siemens, Motorola, Nokia etc.

-Vendors like Trane India, ETA engineering providing products and services for AC systems and lab proccess applications and support facilities like Ge's Bangalore based John F Welch technology Centre ( JFWTC).

If you are presently looking for a global career in Research, you will be thinking about being in India now!!


Anonymous said...

Although jobs in the RnD sector is increasing but recent study shows the number of students opting for PhD and higher studies are declining.

Anonymous said...

bhai iam in IIT and doing M.Tech .my back ground in M.Sc in physics ....totally fucking research work going on in IIT jobs at all for phd guys ....just teaching job and government job of low pay industry oriented job ...I suggest no one to get misguided to choose basic science ..........

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