Friday, November 23, 2007

A rich blog by a returned Indian...

I owe a treat to my blogging guru Gautam Ghosh for this posting.

He pointed me to this blog written by Mr.Vikram Chachra, an entrepreneur who has recently re-located back to India from NYC- a record of his observations of life in India as he re-settles in his homeland.

To quote GG, also an XLer like Vikram, it is a "must read" as " there are personal, social and emotional responses to moving to India that he blogs about, as well as the economic implications that he blogs about. Also about stock markets, rising real estate boom etc etc.Lots of pictures too !"

I am sure it would help set expectations for those aspiring to return to India-and perhaps discount/validate the media hype.

Happy reading!!

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ThinkLikeAnSOB said...

I last visited India in Aug 07, and was intending to move back. However, the reality really hit me when I noticed the price of real estate. For me to get relocated there, I would now have to think in terms of Crores, which I was not really prepared for.
So for the time being, I will run my JobSidi from the US and get back to the drawing board and plan my move again. :)