Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Gautam Ghosh's blog voted the Best HR Blog of 2007

Breaking news!!

The blog, by my blogging guru and pal Gautam Ghosh, has been voted the best HR blog by other global peers-in the annual round up conducted by Recruiting Blogs -a recruiting blog about recruiting blogs! Isn't surprising -for he has been among the best in the business for almost 4 years now- giving incisive analysis about the HR trends -not just across India-but across the world.

Another expected result was that an associate Dave Mendoza has been voted the Best Overall Recruiting Blog of 2007. His blog is a must read -for anyone interested in recruiting! Dave has been among the most prolific of networking professionals, and has been voraciously writing on a variety of global and(g)local topics- very consistently. I recall his was the most popularly voted blog in 2006 too :-)!

I have interacted briefly with Dave in 2006 and simply could not keep pace with his passion-as he was testing waters -along with Shally Steckerl-who is a sourcing expert par excellence- to know about the Indian market.

I would highly recommend all HR and recruiting professionals-who wish to keep tab of the action in India, read the presentation of Mr Sanjay Singh, Vice President of HR, Whirlpool Asia ERE Global in Amsterdam in Nov 2007. It is an in-depth treatise, outlining current trends in the job market and economy, competencies in the Indian workforce, forecasts into 2020 and the overall risks and benefits of the talent landscape in India.

While still on the best benchmarks, I would not be doing justice if I didn't point out that the blog of my dear pal Jim Stroud, has been voted among the best- in THREE different categories...the Best Overall Recruiting Blog, the Best Recruiting Blogosphere Personality, and the Best Sourcing/Research Blog. Personally I have learnt a lot from him from his insights-as he rants about the 'whacky world of employment' analysing a varied topics -ranging from the the visa temple in Hyderabadto using comics to drive home the logistical talent of Santa Claus !!


Gautam Ghosh said...

thanks for the post sir! :)

Jim Stroud said...


Thanks for the mention! I hope to return to India soon and hang out with you again. What a great time I had.

Happy New Year to you!

Your pal, Jim Stroud