Monday, January 28, 2008

Raising the bar- hiring in India

The job market in India is going through an exciting phase. Almost all companies-be it the global MNCs, Indian business houses, the emerging companies in the sunrise industries, the startups- are scampering to get the best talent for themselves.

The increasing demand for the limited talent pool has increased the salary levels of professionals across the industry-phenomenally-often a few multiples in the last 3 yrs.

I have always had a pet theory-an organisation needs different kinds of people for different stages in the lifecycles of their growth. Every company has a need for some 'maintenance' professionals (who would keep the existing business running -and grow it), and another set of 'development' professionals- who would help the company shift gears, change the plane of operations -and take them to the next level!!

This year, I am vindicated as one sees some distinct trends emerging :

Companies are thinking laterally.

Tradtitionally known to hire entry level professionals, companies from diverse sectors such as private equity, business development, sales, consulting, finance, general management, IT, marketing, operations, retail and strategy are visiting the campuses of premier B School for middle management positions.

Global majors prefer experienced candidates over novices.

Companies in the sunrise industries, like infrastructure, logistics, warehousing, and retail seem to find ready made talent unavailable -to run business units. While most have hired returning Indians with a proven track record, we now find B schools a talent pool for the seniors too!

Job profiles being offered are also in the higher echelons of management such as vice-president, director, associate director, general manager and vertical heads for India.

Interestingly, the one year full time MBA programs for experienced professionals -be it the IIM, XLRI, ISB, FMS, et al have essentially attracted those with 10-20yrs of experience in the industry-and government/PSUs, even ex Defence officers, as they embark on their second innings to leverage on their experience-with the new enlightenment.

Wealth management cos bullish on hiring HNI's

The list of those who’re roped in not only includes the creme de la creme of the society but also sons and daughters of some of the leading politicians. The rationale ?“Such employees generate leads, and in some cases they also educate their peers about the importance of wealth management. Since they come from a similar background as of prospective clients, the clients are also comfortable with them”!

I recently read a very interesting article, using a Zen Master quote stating “If you go deeply in one thing, you know everything else.” Dr Srikrishna explains that being the best writer/runner/plumber, is not just acquiring knowledge or competency, but about focussing on the crux 'how to learn' . So, it is only a matter of applying this knowledge to the specifics of the new thing you are trying to learn -before you start transplanting the success!!
I, for one, am trying to motivate a bronze medallist at the National level in Fencing, to join us at Options and am convinced she can be a great recruiter in a few years time. Now, whether she shares the same confidence-only time will tell :-)!!

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