Sunday, April 20, 2008

Jobs in India for expats-a raincheck

Oh yes, last week, a pal of mine Ishani -had reached out to me to check if I had anything to a story she was doing on expats in India! Well, specifically, she sought

1. Are there any numbers available on the people coming to India on employment visas and business visas? Has there been a huge increase in these numbers? If so, which are the sectors that are seeing the largest number of expats coming to work in India?

2. In terms of getting visas processed, do any sectors or people from any particular country face difficulties and red tape? Generally, how smooth or difficult is the process of getting work permits, including renewals after expiry or moving to other jobs in India?

Here are the thoughts I penned;

The kind of numbers I work on -is really marginal-and so I really cant give u any facts-as much as trends!! One can be sure they are significantly increased in the last 12 months.

I can tell u there are some mandates I am working on..

1. A Singaporean infra company building an expressway in looking for white skin- to head VP operations and maintenance role!

2. Some Malaysian construction cos are having projects in India..across diff regions-industrial, residential, commercial etc, and they too prefer expats of their /Singaporean nationality for senior management roles. They are all for specific projects though..and come on business visa

3. Of course, I know one expat American personally- who came in about 5-6 yrs back to India, invited by Reliance group to set up the telecom business- he was on an employment visa for about 2 yrs..after which he was to make himself dispensable by hiring his successors etc. He did his job..but lost his heart to India..and has since stayed back ..taking up some smaller assignments..I can imagine isn't easy to get long term contracts

4. Have noticed a monthly bash of Britishers in Bangalore a couple of months back in a five star hotel.

5. yes, there are a lot of European companies also seconding senior executives to kick start Indian ops..and they come on 2 yrs packages..expats salaries-can assure u they are obscene numbers compared to their quality of managerial exp,:-)!

6/sectors are mostly infra, retail, telecom, hi tech, bio tech.Most of my clients arrange for the visa-and so the transfers at the end of projects have been pretty smooth. I guess isn't rampant poaching as in Indian companies..where people leave half way..there is definitely some ethics and integrity displayed ..

I am awaiting Ishani to complete her story and see it online next week..

Should you be knowing of something specific, please let me know. I can forward it to her asap

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