Sunday, April 20, 2008

Network orchestration..truly!!

It is exactly a week since the Nashville conference is over-and so I am back at office-after a very eventful trip.

It was an absolutely new experience for me-being a part of a 200 plus group-in a new country-with not a single person I had earlier met!! But by the end of the 5 day event, it was indeed difficult to tear one away from the place-as one had forged quite a few relationships-not knowing if one would meet any of them again in the near future!! The pals I made were spread across Argentina, Australia, Canada, Hongkong, Korea, Phillipines, North America, and Taiwan!!

Carrying on from my last week's hope, in the 'flat world'-I feel success is less about what a company can do-and more about what it can connect to!!And if one were to look at the kind of opportunities that have opened up in my last ten days of connections, you will see what I mean:

-Investment Research Directors in Asia/Middle East/former Soviet Union

-Marketing Head -India for telecom and wireless MNC player

-Project Manager at Mumbai for an ethernet business domain MNC

-There is an opportunity that we are exploring -for an Indian major company setting up 3 ODCs, this year in different continents. The Global HR head would feel comfortable not having to deal with a dozen consultants-whom he has to orient about the culture and nitty gritty-across 3 different countries. Can we at Options front end the client here-with my affiliates in Canada, and Phillipines can be adding the (g)local touch?
- An affiliate in Houston Texas has now more opportunities for Oil & Gas professionals in Saudi and Qatar that he has all across the US!
- A specialist headhunter in US-who has been focussing on the process industry, has a bunch of mandates for Indian professionals..especially Chemical Engineers from IIT -and already in the US!!
Some of the other takeaways-have been the best practices some of the BIG BILLERS. Personally it was a very self assuring thought for me-that we at Options have been toying with most of the benchmarks- though obviously -not at all of them together and consistently ;-)!

I shall try and list out some of the learnings on a later post.

Meanwhile, do let me know if any of you can let me know how recruitment firms, across different parts of the world, with independent niches, can probably come up with a fluid, ever changing network -that can help clients and candidates alike- to conceptualise, design, execute and deliver favourable solutions in the virtual world!!
PS-A close pal of mine-is an investment banker in NY and is expanding his team this year in London and Singapore- and wants some specialist commodity traders. A month ago, I may not even have thought of being part of a solution.
Now, I am soon can I connect the loose dots....The Music city of Nashville may well have put us on the way to CHA-CHING!!

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vt said...

Hi AK,

Good to read about your resounding success during your trip to the US!

Will defintlely follow your progress to the top.


Vinay Talwar