Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Collaboration with multiple Recruitment firms

The popularity of linkedin never ceases to amaze me. Hardly twenty fours have gone by, since I included a message mentioning current status of my profile that reads "collaboration with multiple recruitment firms" I have been a recipient of many a well wisher!!
Let me try and elaborate-below is an effort that I am trying to cultivate:
Well, I was just off a teleconference call earlier in the day -with some of my Asia Pac affiliates from NPA, the worldwide recruiting network that I belong to! This time, it was an effort among partners specialising in IT-and we had participation from Philippines, Korea, Taipei, Hong Kong, China -apart from India!
It didn't take us long to understand the impact of the influence of the mighty US! All of us traded notes on the kind of assignments we have-and very interestingly, while all of us had HOT candidates who could be exported from our respective countries, we realised there were not clients interested in 'importing' expats for the key positions..with the exception of China!
Our Chinese partner was eager to mention that some of his clients-especially in the Banking and Financial services sector- were looking out for topnotch professionals from anypart of the world! The Banks, especially, have recently received licenses to launch new products and services, and so are ramping up their IT operations! And for senior management professionals, despite candidates from Singapore and Hong Kong, there was scope for more..and expats were welcome!!
I know its only a distinct possibility-but looking at a media report predicting tougher days for recruiters, I hastened to pull out some of the opportunities from my mailbox -on to my blog today:
-Oil & Gas professionals for Saudi .
-Mining Engineers & Geologists for New Zealand.
-Semiconductor and Water Fab professionals for Australia .
A quick round up with a couple of ERA members in Hyderabad- and presto, they seem to conducting manhunts for various levels-across function-and industries.
Did I hear some one say-" None of us" are as good as "all of us" or even "some of us"?
I rest my case for collaboration!


Richard Jennings said...

Linkedin just made's Top 10 Employment site list:

Raghavendra Prasad said...

Hi Achyut

I wanted to know if an individual can be a member of the NPA?

Would an individual with strengths which could compliment any alliance or collaboration of agencies (apart from NPA) be welcome?

I have some thoughts and your reply to the above could help me in firming up the same.

Raghavendra Prasad