Monday, July 28, 2008

Hiring is Hard Work!!

So say even the legendary leaders of GE and L&T!!
Last week, I had listened to a podcast -by Jack Welch- that making hiring mistakes are universal ! Here is a link to the transcribed edition of the Guru's admissions. Anyways-here is a summary of some of the reasons- despite his 60 yrs of experience- as 'we were just so tired of interviewing when there was real work to be done.'

- the impulse to hire a person who was too good to be true:
-rushing to hire a person because he possesses your missing pieces
-going for the familiar. Same college, social background, whatever.
-hiring a candidate who seen it all, or even,

-hiring a candidate who's smart and capable but just too lacking in emotional intelligence, or EQ,"

Elsewhere today, I read about Larsen & Toubro (L&T) grappling with the issue of succession planning. Me thinks if itsn't a little too late-perhaps about 10-15 years late?? The country's largest engineering and construction company -one of the first professionally run companies-somewhere in the way-focussed on 'seniority and age'(so much so-that at one point of time- the average age of executives went upto 57yrs!). As a result, many middle and trained management professionals were 'sitting ducks' for other competitors to hire them in senior management roles!

(The problem is compounded-as it hasnt been able to attract too many youngsters too in the last decade!)

It is therefore quite apt & contemporary that the Hyderabad chapter of Executive Recruiters Association is embarking on some attempts to unravel the mysteries /challenges that the booming Indian industry has been facing- especially in the areas of talent acquisitions and management.
ERA Hyderabad is having a series of 'power meetings' involving Business leaders, HR and recruiting fraternity -across industries to deliberate on the 'pain points' each one of them is facing. Concerns emerging out of a weeklong series of such 'industry specific' meetings will be analysed-and it is hoped that ERA shares possible & viable solutions at its National convention on September 5th in Hyderabad!
Am eager to learn about the best practices..and to see if the bar can be raised!!

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