Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A year later- A recruiter's perspective

Today is September 15th.It was exactly a year back that the Lehman Brothers collapse-triggered off an awareness of a global economic downturn. Soon there after, the events that unfolded were to usher in a lot of uncertainty, despair, gloom, doom....

As we look back, all theories of BRIC nations being uncoupled from the West-have all been thrown to the wind. Almost all industries have been forced to rethink strategies, growth plans, and 'rightsize' operations to stay afloat. Lots have been written and debated about how long the recession would last.

In fact, over the weekend, a US Fed survey mentioned that the US recession was over! Is it time for us to reflect and learn ?

I remember, as children, we used to build castles out of a pack of cards-it would take a lot of patience and effort -at times even holding our breath gingerly -for all it needed was a card being shifted out of place- to bring down the cascade :-)! On a good summer holiday, it would be a bigger structure aided by two packs- but even more fragile at the mercy of a gush of wind / the overhead fan!

Still not in teens, we soon discovered that if we were to build structures that needed to last over night, we needed to use material lot more resilient! A stronger foundation was essential to keep the base stable. We shifted to building using mud/clay-strengthened with a little manure. In fact, it probably took us longer to build castles, but it sure lasted longer too! And yes at times, it took more vision to see that deeper we dug for the foundation, higher the 'skyscraper' we could build.

One thing is for sure. There is more need to concentrate on the fundamentals of business-Back to basics. Think "bottom line". Think 'long term'. Think sustainability! ( Top line is vanity? Defer instant gratification?

I think in the recent times, I have reflected elsewhere on this blog about the jobs amidst global crisis, role of recruiters in recession, time for us to adapt and change, even grab new business, among others- different tactics of tackling uncertainty!!

I think some of us are beginning to enjoy the recession. There is an increasing demand / more quality consciousness in the minds of the customers/clients.

May it is due to the fact that a lot of businesses have shut down. Quite a few had downsized to now feel the pinch of the bandwidth!

Shouldn't we be taking a trick from the legend Michael Schumacher -who they say prefers the rains as it tests the skills of the best and separates the best from the rest! For lesser mortals like us, staying on course itself is good enough to win on a sunny day!!

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Bhaimi said...

Only those who have enough bread and milk in their shelf seems to be enjoying recession.

Btw, the rains act sometimes so senseless that it washes the best away, not necessarily the bad. :)And the sadest of all is that once get washed away it is hardly possible to wade back.