Friday, January 15, 2010

Attraction to company culture a primary factor in employer preference in automotive industry

Toyota the most preferred next employer as per online survey among engineering job seekers in the industry

Recently, Options Executive Search commissioned an online survey with Knowience Insights, an online research firm, to understand the job change behaviour among engineering professionals in the automotive industry. The most interesting 'takeaway' we have from this online survey conducted between 13th and 18th December 2009 is that attraction to company culture plays the most dominant part in a job seeker’s preference of a future employer. While the job seekers were divided about their most preferred future employer, irrespective of the company they voted for, the company culture was a major decision making factor.

We also found Toyota with 21% preference to be the most preferred future employer for these professionals, followed by three Indian companies viz., Tata Motors (15%), Maruti (14%) and Mahindra & Mahindra (8%). However, in the aggregated top 3 employer preferences, Tata Motors (15.6%) found more mentions than Toyota (14.3%). Interestingly, apart from culture, the top 4 companies stood for different things in the minds of the job seekers who responded to the survey. (The numbers given are in that order of preference for the respective company)

The other most interesting insight from the survey was that “an opportunity in a city/town of one’s choice is the single biggest trigger for considering a job change.”

From our point of view, this survey throws up an interesting facet of how the core engineering professionals are approaching their career now as against how they would have possibly done it a couple of years back. If the nineties and a better part of the decade of 2000 drew the engineering professionals to IT, it appears that recognition is finally coming in the core manufacturing sector for these professionals.

In my opinion, perhaps companies have to spend a lot more time and effort in articulating and communicating (selling?) their company culture to the prospective employees. This would call for a shift in focus for recruiting managers and most definitely, some fresh thinking on how to do it.

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Incidentally, Knowience Insights is a young Indian company that specializes in Internet-based research services. Knowience provides critical customer insights to its clients through customised research – strategic and tactical – deployed over the Internet. Knowience is backed by founders with over 45 years of experience in customer relationship and over 9 years of experience in the Internet domain.

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George Mathew said...

I feel that this is a good trend. This survey captures the opinions of Engineers but is definitely a signal of what is influencing employee decisions across verticals. More and more people are referring to blogs, rankings, employee feedback prior to making the decision to join. The "recession" would have added to this trend, where an employeewould want to avoid job-hopping and look at spending some time with the "right" employer.