Saturday, January 30, 2010

Happy days are here again?

One may recall Infosys had given a single-digit increment in October,. It had announced an across-the-board raise as domestic salaries went up by 8% while on site pay rose by 2%. And the HR Head Mr Mohandas Pai was also quoted "We'll be thinking of a further salary hike only in April 2010"!!

Can we see other IT cos following suit in India ?

It is also interesting to note that with decreasing margins in the outsourcing deals, there has been a lot of clamour for innovative solutions being offered by the Indian IT services companies..

One thing is for sure- there will be increasing demand for the top performers and those with niche skills!!

In the past fortnight, one has seen the return of half page ads in major newspapers -calling for applications for some generic positions. While the supplements are still 4-8 pages thick, to me, it seems more like a brand building exercise, or an attempt for companies to farm out for the 'easily available talent'!!

In fact-while people have been moving - there is really not much a significant increase in the salary hike as they move laterally!!

I would love to hear your impressions -and predictions!!

Meanwhile, here is what we at Options have been keeping busy with!

And yes, a little more comprehensive list of 'not so confidential' openings that our clients are hiring for!!

Companies are a lot more choosy..still cherry picking!! I shall be delighted to have referrals from you. Please forward them to [email protected] :-)!

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