Sunday, February 14, 2010

Changing the way I look!

Over the past month and a half, my blog posts have dwindled. And as I tried to reason out the same to a few pals over the past fortnight, I realise there have been more than a few triggers!!

-Yes, the job market sentiments have picked up. More clients are beginning to think seriously about cherry picking-just as most professionals aspiring to know what's on offer! As a recruiter one spends a lot of lot of time trying to set expectations for both sides.

- Maybe it has also to do with the changing habits of how people reach out today. I have been spending more time responding to requests from the popular Linked in, among other sporadically active social marketing sites.

-Oh yes, twitter also has become quite addictive. It has become, at least for me- the window to the world. I catch almost all the news, the views, the opinions -across the spectrum. Business, sports, politics, best practices, humour, motivational quotes..The thrill of getting almost instant response, a forward here, a mention there, and most importantly, getting in sync with what's happening out there in the world.

-And yes, its lot easier to type your thoughts in a 140 character twitter almost as an impulse. By the time one has to blog a post, with a certain research, and articulating one's thoughts, most topics aren't as contemporary?

( I guess an entirely separate post ought to be devoted to the couple of hundred mails that come
in daily- some exploratory, little more following up on exchanges earlier, and a whole lot trying to remind me that I owe them replies and ought to be returning missed calls !! Should you be reading will have to bear with me for another 4-5 weeks before I get back to being responsive on socially accepted norms :-)!)

-Am preparing for a trip to the US for the NPA Annual conference in the March first week. To stretch the dollar -I have been conjuring ways and means of packing in as many networking opportunities, while still keeping costs as close to shoestring budget an entrepreneur has to juggle with. Not to mention justify the 'opportunity cost' of 'what could have been done '. Shudder to think how many hours I have spend on expedia, orbitz, travelocity comparing connecting flights and stopover!!

-But not the least-is the writer's block-as one constantly looks for something meaningful to convey -as the time between the posts become longer and longer. I can very well imagine the tension that a batsman has, as the slog overs begin, and every dot ball -increases the panic levels..almost paralysing one's mind to think logically-and coax one into making a gaffe!!

Well, to summarise, I think I shall henceforth be blogging more often, with a couple of paragraphs perhaps. Half way between a twitter and a full fledged article??

Please let me know offline, as usual -the crispy comments!!

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