Friday, January 08, 2016

Resolutions & Speculation :circa 2016

This post, I must confess, is a knee jerk reaction, to force a habit. As it is that time of the year to make resolutions and lists, and predictions.
And more so, when a social media rockstar puts pressure by including yours truly on  two lists  Bloggers in the HR fraternity to follow ( embarassing as I had slow pedalled months ago !) and a Twitter list of 101 Indian gentlemen), one is forced to be active!
Also,  in any case I did share my resolution for 2016, amongst a bunch of business partners -my intention to change gears. While all the while, the emphasis was on playing the game, and being in it, and perhaps -not to lose, this year I will make conscious attempts to hustle even as I wait..and play to win!!
For this post, I will be taking cue from three thought leaders I follow 
a) Seth Godin -and offer clients a new offering-charging by the hour. Especially since 
b) Dave Nerz has articulated it so well that it is a different game when employers offer options 'that employees want versus the one they want to leave'! More so, as we recruiters have to be sensitive to 
Next year, I wish I can develop myself and share the insights they do :)!

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