Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Psst...we are hiring!! Virtual Interns, Part time, Work from Home,...

Yes, there are a lot of opportunities brewing in the industry, and we are figuring out ways to create a larger impact- to the ecosystem, of corporates (hiring managers), candidates (jobseekers) and consultants ( influencers of recruitment).

Here are some thoughts I shared with a Director of a Business School, about the possible range of internships that can be conjured up :

a)Direct Marketing. Options has a database of 1.8 lakh resumes who have been in touch for a few years now. Am sure they change a job once in 3-4yrs but I have always caught them..when they have just changed their job!
We need to constantly relate to them...reconnect and engage them on a regular basis..

So work cd involve data mining, reaching out, sending out mailers,and stay that we can ping them as and when reqd

b) Content writing. This is about build communities and engage them..hopefully to influence them in some manner. social media hiring, curation of data..

c) Branding.

d) Collaboration with ecosystem..CII, NASSCOM, Tie Hyd, Startup community, Co-working labs, other recruiters all over India..

e) building a referral network

Someone who can work without too much supervision..creative, and can take ownership

They will use extensively social media..and other ways to build credibility

And yet get themselves some HOT skills that could help them get better insights..even as they pick up class.

For eg 

a) Making employers in AP & Telangana area (amongst others) -aware of some innovative hiring solutions

b) Creating a collaborative network of influencers -say recruitment agencies/trainers/freelancers 

So lets not restrict it to HR students :)!, the power of choice is theirs! 

You may let them know that Recruitment is as much as a business as any other..and so there is scope for folks wanting to change the way we work. So, anyone interested in entrepreneurship also could contribute and learn..(and not necessarily in the same order!) well as Sales/Marketing. Or Operations and Finance for that matter.

Again let us not limit the imagination..No one is indeed indifferent to a is is either a potential hiring manager or a potential jobseeker..if not either. It cd be B2B ( if its meant for corporates), cd be a portal or a referral network. Implementation of an ERP like product for application tracking?  International marketing? Global migration of talent? Cross border barter? I feel I can potentially connect them to over 30 countries (in recruitment)..and 100+ for any general business opportunities.

May I suggest you share the idea to the students. Let them research, or Achyut Menon and come up with a proposal in 500 words.

-how they can add value to my firm ( kind of projects, duration, ..)
-and what do they want in return (stipend,  etc)

​I am open to any compelling r​eason :)!

Well, I have since tried to refine the thoughts for easier understanding..and here are two positions I have posted

It is what you do that matters. And ofcourse, the impact of the work you do.

So, if you know a student who would benefit, please spread the word. If you know someone else, who is planning to pivot their career, let her/him know. Yes, someone wanting to get back into industry after a break, or even someone who wants to just spend 4-5 hours a day...share it with them!!

By the way, did you know some of those who spent their early part of careers in Options have since gone on to work in Google, Flipkart, Novartis, Dupont, Motorola, Monster, Kellys, Manpower, Deloitte, Facebook, Lucent, Bayer, Kuwait Petroleum,? 

In countries like UAE, Belize, Singapore, Malayasia, USA?

And yes, there are a few who have become entrepreneurs. And not just doing another job. But creating more jobs!!

Spread the word..Take a chance. And get one step closer to changing the world!

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