Thursday, September 03, 2015

Planning a Career -Is there a right time to Pivot?

Must confess the blog post by Liz Carey-essentially meant for the recruitment community, got me to reflect on my recruiting career, and the journey since!

But since a large majority of my network is either a potential hiring manager or a potential employee, I thought I would have done if I were in their shoes!!

While there are innumerable opinions and advice online, I wish to highlight two video presentations, closest to my heart, and hopefully that would perhaps stand the test of time.

1)A 9 minute video recorded in 2012- with Tiger Tyagarajan -how to build a successful career. Interestingly he also emphasized the need to be driven by curiosity & hunger to learn, it in a recent blog in Apr 2015 

2) A 23 minute video recorded recently in May 2015 -Courtesy Stanford Graduate School of Business -5 strategies of surviving a career pivot.

I personally feel in an increasingly rising "gig economy", one is likely to change multiple careers, not merely a series of jobs, especially since the concept of career ladder is no longer as relevant!

Can we indeed plan for 5 years hence? Especially with the everchanging dynamics of the way business is being done now? The mortality of companies is itself questionable with even Fortune companies becoming extinct. Is it not appropriate to take charge of one's own career?

Quoting Tiger from the above article, the key is to have the self confidence to accept the fact what we knew is no longer as important. It is okay to be ignorant for a short while till one learns a new thing!

Would love your thoughts..and observations

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