Friday, July 14, 2017


Life isn't a matter of milestones, but of moments. -- Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy
"It is 25 years to the day, since the birth of Options," my mother reminded me this morning. And so the family is getting ready to celebrate.
Flashback to July 14th 1992.
Looking back, the journey has been simply amazing. "Helping others to find their calling" has been the pivot as we have tried to help several hundreds of clients find talent aligned to the similar values. We have worked with clients at different stages in their lifecycle of growth, (why even offering outplacement services during a stint that saw a temporary de-growth!), across different management ownerships/styles, and across functions, industries, levels and locations. Amidst very exhilarating times that has spanned from post liberalisation days in India, as India opened up to foreign investments, and abroad, even as clients survived the dot com boom/worldwide financial crisis, and now coming to terms with Brexit et al, totally changing the dynamics of global migration.
Internet, globalisation, disruptions in the VUCA times, have all forced us to change with times, stay relevant with the best business practices, and look to the future with more hope and conviction.
Options is now poised to leverage on orchestrating a global network and add value to each of our stakeholders- be it aspiring job seekers, or hungry clients, or like-minded fellow recruitment specialists with whom we collaborate, to be able to make a better impact!
With 92 Sales Directors and 1300 recruiters, the potential reach of Options is simply mindboggling-considering we have partnerships across 41 countries.
I take this opportunity to thank each one of you -who has been part of the journey, helping me learn, relearn, and even unlearn.
I am grateful, as they say in the cricketing parlance, as I take a 'fresh guard' to continue to make a difference, one individual at a time.
There are more milestones...waiting :)!

Life is now and now is amazing.

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