Saturday, May 05, 2007

Mr K Pandiarajan's prediction for Jobs - The Great Indian Trapeze

As a recruiter and a fellow member of the Executive Recruiters association ( ERA), I am very proud of Mr K Pandiarajan ,CEO and MD of Mafoi management consultants-and his ability to take the profession to an entirely different plane. Over the past decade and a half, he has been among the fore front of all the major leaps the Indian recruitment industry has seen-and that in itself is a reflection of the visionary he is.

In a recent issue of the India Today magazine, he had written an article on how 2007 will mark a key inflection point in job creation in India. Since the online version needs a subscriber status to access it, I am quoting a few pointers from the piece-so that some of us can get inspired by it!

1. The organized sector in India will expand by 5.34% -or 15lakh domestic jobs. Add to the 4 lakh global jobs Indians are expected to bag-it is a record itself.

2. More than the number of jobs, it is the nature and quality of the jobs which is a positive trend.

There is a distinct movement in the economy to the tacit jobs – considering Mc Kinseys framework of splitting the jobs into

a) Transactional (interactions that can be easily scripted or automated)

b) Transformational (extracting raw material or converting them into finished goods)

c) Tacit (complex interactions requiring a high level of judgement)

3. The tension between two kinds of migration (talent vs business processes) is opening many doors to Indian talent both within the country and abroad. The prominent examples being

a) If US restricts H1 visas to 65000 pa, there is a sharper increase in offshoring manhours

b) If Indian nursing crew deputation gets blocked by UK, patient flow to India rises sharply

4. Corporates have to invest in ‘creating’ talent to bridge the gap between the competency profile of candidates and the employer needs, by focusing on finishing schools.

5. With increasingly diverse structure of employment (outsourcing, remote teams, telecommuting, parttime,flexitime,interim management et al), commitment to a profession is gaining ascendancy in the employee’s psyche compared to loyalty to an organization.

6. Organised staffing industry has emerged as a billion dollar industry –and growing at 32% pa- and facilitating about one-sixth of the organized sector placements.

The Indian jobseeker has never had it so good!! Will the good times last? As you believe, so it is –tat vam asi!!


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