Sunday, March 10, 2019

A day for a Recruiter? #Apna Time Aayega

You know what? Over the 26 years that I have been a recruiter, I have interacted with thousands of others recruiters..who confessed that they trespassed into Recruitment. Imagine it wasn't a planned 'career' move, at all. Ironic?

Yet, Linkedin, probably the only comprehensive global database of recruiters recently showed there are 1,144,463 individuals with the term "Recruiter" in their job title. It is estimated that there over 3.5 million people working directly in recruitment worldwide!

To me the personal journey has been driven by trying to help other people find their calling. (After ones' name, most people's individuality pivots on what their job is, right? Personal happiness follows professional happiness. Or is it the other way around :)!?

Back in 2001/02 Executive Recruiters Association came together. Over time, as things would change, most of us had forgotten to celebrate March 9th. A couple of years ago, #ZohoRecruit shared a lovely tribute to Recruiters  .   


Flashback to earlier times, I recall sharing thoughts on the same event back ,on this blog, as the role of a recruiter has been changing -amidst all the disruption happening in a world that has been transforming itself with the growth of computers, mobile, internet & increased bandwidth!

2015 the biz of finding people for jobs?                                        

Today, there are amazing online communities all over the net, and it seems like the fraternity is finally coming on its own. Recruiters, Sourcers, Talent acquisition specialists, Trainers, Coaches...all stretching the bar. Almost every week, there are tons of content being shared for all of us to hone our skills -not only to find others, but to be found by others. #Dont miss there are over 40+ Facebook groups where similar minded hang out!

Would you believe that the World Economic Forum in its "Future of Jobs" reports -that Recruiters will be no2  category in the professional services demanded by 2022?? 

Here is a caveat though. Unlike in the past though, where anyone and everyone with an email id or telephone number could pass of as a recruiter, the future professional will have to be different. Trust Greg Savage to have put it so well!!

Interestingly, an International Recruiters Day is being planned on 4th March .

PS : Listen to this rap #Apnatimeaayega ? Do you know any commercial feature film that has a recruiter as a character in it?

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